August 20th, 2010

Dirty french man sitting next to me.  Stinks of not bathing for days.  I enjoy my stink as much as the next guy, but i do my best to not subject many others with it.  5 feet away i can smell him.  His coffee arrives.  He lights up a smoke, where it assaults my senses even more.

A local girl sits next to him and he talks argumentative to her.  “50 kilos”?  It’s English, but in a thick French accent and hard to understand.  They sit in silence, he orders something.  A big bowl arrives – a very large salad I think.  He eats in silence while she plays on her phone.

The cafe slowly empties as people finish their meals and leave.

He finishes his meal, starts arguing with the girl again and they leave….

hours later…an older gentleman walks in with a pretty vietnames girl.  He is unhappy, tells her someone is witholding papers for his visa.  5 months.  he has what sounds like a british accent.  Says he has to pay a fine because of their fault.  Problems with the school he is working at – needs a work visa.  Says he’s waiting 6 months and paid a thousand dollars.  “I will not calm down, I will calm down when I get my papers”…more of the like followed.

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