August 23rd, 2010

The last stop the class made while I traveled with them was Tokyo.

I’d been there before, so everything seemed very familiar and similar to me.  Of course, by this time I’d been in Japan for over a week as well, so Japanese life was getting pretty normal in a way.   Our hotel was very close to the Shingawa  Station.  It was an older hotel, and while the exteriors and lobby looked nice, the rooms left a bit to be desired.  They were easily the worst rooms we’d stayed in during our trip thus far.

Most of this visit to Tokyo was a repeat of my first visit to Tokyo.  We went to several districts and shrines as I had during my first visit.  I even sat out one day so I could plan my return to Kyoto following the end of the class.

The highlight for me however during this Tokyo trip was our visit to the Edo Museum.  It was fascinating for me, to see all of Tokyo, and in a way Japan’s, history laid out one period after another, finally concluding in the late 20th century.  I really enjoyed seeing the progression of history, from centuries ago to present.  It was shown when the first western influences first appeared, and you could see when trade developed amongst the different regions – not just of japan but the world as well.  To see that then see technology come into play and integrate into life is something I’m not accustomed to see in many history museums.  If you make your way to Tokyo, I highly recommend this place.  It was one of my favorite things I saw during my stay in Japan.

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