August 21st, 2010

saw my first semi-major accident today.  a motorbike ran into the side of a taxi-van and fell.  I was on a motorbike taxi not too far behind, and watched the whole thing happen less than 30 feet ahead of me.

We passed, and I looked behind to see if the people were ok.  As I watched, many people ran out to help the couple that fell.  The taxi-van they hit stopped.  Everyone seemed to be concerned, and this made me feel better.  The people looked ok, a bit bruised I imagine, but not seriously hurt.  Still, I was glad it was not me.

I’m both surprised I had not seen more accidents happen, and that there are so few.  The traffic is something that has fascinated me ever since I first arrived.  It seems very chaotic to one so accustomed to the american traffic system.  But if you notice, it does not move very fast.  People slowly push their way through and people veer and even sometimes accommodate the other drivers.

I have see two other accidents, one when it was late, and the streets were very empty.  oh the irony, a girl was walking across the street when a motorbike ran into her.  She fell but it kept going.  She got up, brushed herself off, and continued on her way.  The other was one I was even involved in.  I has lunch with a woman, and I was riding with her on my motorbike back to my hotel, where she was to drop me off before returning to work.  It started raining, and she was in a hurry.  We slid into an oncoming motorbike at a slow speed – no one fell, but a piece of plastic broke off her bike.  I felt sorry for her but relieved that it wasn’t more serious.

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