my first scooter/incident

October 30th, 2010

After being on a scooter almost every day for the month or so I was in Vietnam, I didn’t last but 2 or 3 weeks before I’d bought one here and started driving it. I’ve loved it from the first moment I rode her, and I ride as often as I possibly can.

Everyone drops their first bike. Having only been upright on two wheels for just less than a year, it was bound to happen to me too.

After putting just over 100 miles on my new motorbike, I took a spill.

It was dark. I was coming out of a curve a little fast and didn’t see the ripple in the road. It bumped me up and down so much I lost control of the bike. We went down, first on the left side, then somehow we flipped and slid on our right side. I was afraid it’d done a lot of damage, both to me and the bike, but all of it was surprisingly minor.

The damage done? Well, at first glance, you wouldn’t think the bike was damaged at all. Looking closer you can see a few scrapes on some areas, but nothing serious and she’s been driving fine ever since.

On me the tally is: My right knee got scraped on the inside and a little rugburn’d area on the outside – my jeans rubbed against it as we slid (and the jeans look like nothing happened). I think my right ankle got pinned under he bike as we slid. i Was really concerned it was going to be severely hurt, but all I got was some road rash. A chunk of skin got removed; an area no bigger than 1 inch by 2 inches I’d say. Also, my middle finger on my left hand may have been pinched or something, where it swelled with some minor pain. And the last injury? Could it be my very first broken bone? Why, I believe I cracked a rib! It seems my elbow punched my side from the handlebars jerking it during the spill. Ow.

This all happened four weeks ago today.

All my road rash has healed up, my ankle taking the longest and still a bit pink with scar tissue. My finger still bothers me slightly if I use it a lot – I re-damaged it a week or two after the accident helping a friend move some furniture. And my rib hurt me the most up until recently – depending on how I move my chest about.

So here’s to my first bone injury! A cracked rib! And my first bit of roadrash! Believe it or not, the same night of the spill, I got right back on the bike and drove her probably another 10 miles before going home! I’ve since put 150 MORE miles on her; scary as it was, a little spill ain’t gonna stop me!

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